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Transform Yourself Into A Medium

Medium is a person who can channel supernatural energy or a being into him/her. Some people believe that they have the ability to be one while some out of curiosity want to be a medium. It is not an easy task and is not what anyone could do. It takes courage, motivation and dedication along with one’s natural ability to become a medium. The first step is to attend spiritualistic meetings. These help a person to get in touch with their spiritualistic side and deepen their belief in spiritual world. Once it is done, the process of learning starts.


Meditation for relaxation

Meditation is one of the strong bases that each medium has to master. It not only helps in calming one’s mind but also opens one’s self to the world of spirits. At the beginning, a person might be frightened by the spirits but you should not be. You will find your spirit guide through meditation. That is why it is considered mandatory to join a spiritual club so that there could be people around you who can help. It can’t be done alone.


Spiritual guide

After getting your spirit guide, which takes a little time, you will have to communicate with the spirits. Now keep in mind that not all spirits are friendly so you will need to be patient. Develop your communication skills with spirits by being open and sensitive to their world. Becoming a medium is a personal experience that differs from one individual to another. Apart from natural tendency, one needs to be fully devoted to learning and should be consistent. Only then one can transform into a medium.


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