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Scientific Approach towards Clairvoyants

Clairvoyants are a type of psychic people with the ability to see things and events of the past, future and the ones which are at great distances in time and space. Science has always remained in a conflicting relation with the proponents and practitioners of psychic abilities. Due to the conflicts between scientists and psychics, science has always tried to come up with arguments and evidences to negate the claims of psychics.

Scientific research has been carried out to explain the phenomenon of various psychic abilities. The scientific research on the phenomena of clairvoyance has also revealed some scientific explanation of the psychic ability of clairvoyants. The scientific research in this regard is based on a human’s brain working and human psychology and the integrated interaction between the human brain, human psychology and the environment.

Science has explained the ability of clairvoyants as the flaws in the process of decision making by the human brain. These flaws occur because the decision making of the human brain is clouded with the biasness of confirmations and expectations. Other psychological and subjective factors that may be a cause of the phenomena of clairvoyance are hallucinations, emotional leakages, self delusions, subjective validations and wishful thinking.

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