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Psychic experiences

Psychic originally referred to the soul or spiritual realities but came to mean, in modern times: “1) of or having to do with the psyche, or mind; 2) beyond natural or known physical processes; 3) apparently sensitive to forces beyond the physical world,” according to Webster’s New World Dictionary.

It is unfortunate that psychic is being generalised as something to do with psyche or mind. The spiritual part of the Psychic is not included in modern definition which creates confusion. A person unaware of higher awareness doesn’t recognise his true spiritual experiences and falsely believes it to be just created by mind or his imagination.

Because of this confusion or incorrect usage of terminology by modern gurus ,yogis and mystics their students are greatly using their mental images as spiritual directions which is often incorrect.
Students who become enamoured with psychic experiences often rely on psychic impressions, which they don’t understand, or which they misinterpret, to guide their lives. They base all their important decisions on these experiences — many times disastrously. Often their spiritual experiences are based on their own desire to become great or important for others. Such people attract a band of like minded people also and live in constant fear that the world is out to get them and can also harm innocent people in the process.

Because of this wrong perception or direction of psychic experiences the people with real abilities to experience true physic events and people with more sensitivity towards other human beings are often labeled as witches or are being condemned even today.

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