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Difference between Supernatural and Paranormal

We hear these two words quite a lot. But have you ever wondered if they are the same thing or are they different? I certainly had that question in my mind so I started looking up at their definitions. I wasn’t much satisfied with what I got because both have been defined almost same with little difference. For instance, Para is a Latin word which means Beyond, so Paranormal is something that defies science and is beyond reality or normal. Similarly, the word Supernatural has been defined as an entity or power that exists beyond nature. Alternativ Center has a blog with more information on the spiritual world and angel readings.

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Different interpretations

More confused by these definitions, I searched again but this time I went for people’s interpretations and perceptions. To my surprise, there exist hundreds of explanations for the two but none which is generally agreed on. Each person has his own version so after reading a lot; I finally postulated my own definition of the two. Supernatural is something that science can never explain.

Different Phenomenons

These phenomenon are beyond nature and exist is some other dimension of this universe. For instance, Demons. Paranormal phenomenon is those that scientific laws cannot explain. These are the events which are beyond the power of physical human’s senses. For example, ghosts. A person who can see a ghost is said to have an extra sensory perception or sixth sense.
Lastly, I found that mostly both the words are used interchangeably to define the same thing. So we can’t say that both are similar or different. Read more on psychics.


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