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Spiritual Healing of Spells!

End of infinite life also ends. The disease is a problem but wherever there is the devotion of power, there is disease or there is trouble all over in the body area, Shree Bintakarna is the spiritual master of Healing Spells, the mantra obtained from Mahavira Dev. Is there a shortage of God? No matter […]

Making careers of water signs

Water signs are known to flow with what they feel. Just do it if you like something and if you don’t like something then leave it. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs and here we will be discussing the peoples associated with these signs only. You are blessed with the intuitive. That’s why, […]

Psychic experiences

Psychic originally referred to the soul or spiritual realities but came to mean, in modern times: “1) of or having to do with the psyche, or mind; 2) beyond natural or known physical processes; 3) apparently sensitive to forces beyond the physical world,” according to Webster’s New World Dictionary. It is unfortunate that psychic is […]

Misconceptions Regarding Psychic Reading

Psychic readings haven’t been left alone in the world of mythology. Different people have different apprehensions regarding readings done by people with psychic abilities with respect to the superstitions they hold. Some of the misconceptions related to psychic reading are as follows. Conflict with religion: Many believers associate readings done by psychics as abominations. These […]

Scientific Approach towards Clairvoyants

Clairvoyants are a type of psychic people with the ability to see things and events of the past, future and the ones which are at great distances in time and space. Science has always remained in a conflicting relation with the proponents and practitioners of psychic abilities. Due to the conflicts between scientists and psychics, […]

Psychic Abilities, How They Should Be Exercised?

The recognition of one’s psychic abilities is one thing and the way one exercises his psychic abilities is another thing. The way of exercising one’s powers is as important as the recognition phase. A psychic person can exercise his psychic abilities in two possible ways which are the application of psychic powers in routine life […]

Online Psychic Readings

The trends in psychic reading industry have experienced a great change in the recent past. Due to the advancement in technology and the integration of internet in every field of life, psychic reading industry has also evolved from the psychic parlors into online psychic reading portals and websites. These websites have been established by psychic […]

Difference between Supernatural and Paranormal

We hear these two words quite a lot. But have you ever wondered if they are the same thing or are they different? I certainly had that question in my mind so I started looking up at their definitions. I wasn’t much satisfied with what I got because both have been defined almost same with […]

Transform Yourself Into A Medium

Medium is a person who can channel supernatural energy or a being into him/her. Some people believe that they have the ability to be one while some out of curiosity want to be a medium. It is not an easy task and is not what anyone could do. It takes courage, motivation and dedication along […]