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Psychic experiences

Psychic originally referred to the soul or spiritual realities but came to mean, in modern times: “1) of or having to do with the psyche, or mind; 2) beyond natural or known physical processes; 3) apparently sensitive to forces beyond the physical world,” according to Webster’s New World Dictionary.

It is unfortunate that psychic is being generalised as something to do with psyche or mind. The spiritual part of the Psychic is not included in modern definition which creates confusion. A person unaware of higher awareness doesn’t recognise his true spiritual experiences and falsely believes it to be just created by mind or his imagination.

Because of this confusion or incorrect usage of terminology by modern gurus ,yogis and mystics their students are greatly using their mental images as spiritual directions which is often incorrect.
Students who become enamoured with psychic experiences often rely on psychic impressions, which they don’t understand, or which they misinterpret, to guide their lives. They base all their important decisions on these experiences — many times disastrously. Often their spiritual experiences are based on their own desire to become great or important for others. Such people attract a band of like minded people also and live in constant fear that the world is out to get them and can also harm innocent people in the process.

Because of this wrong perception or direction of psychic experiences the people with real abilities to experience true physic events and people with more sensitivity towards other human beings are often labeled as witches or are being condemned even today.

Misconceptions Regarding Psychic Reading

Psychic readings haven’t been left alone in the world of mythology. Different people have different apprehensions regarding readings done by people with psychic abilities with respect to the superstitions they hold. Some of the misconceptions related to psychic reading are as follows.

Conflict with religion: Many believers associate readings done by psychics as abominations. These individuals are of the view that only GOD possesses the powers to know and change future so any human trying to do so is going against HIM.
But it should be noted that this is not true. One should believe that GOD is the one who bestows people with unique gift and among those individuals are some chosen ones who HE grants special gifts and abilities like enlightening their souls to the world that is hidden from most people. Therefore this doesn’t go against religion.

Using Dark Entities: There are people who call psychics the spawns of devil. These individuals believe that these people use power given to them by some dark spirit or entity whose only purpose for doing so is to harm human beings.
This belief is also not true because GOD has bestowed each living thing with some power and energy. Many psychics channel their own energy or take it from natural sources like earth, water etc. They do not make a deal with the devil but rather master their own abilities.

Scientific Approach towards Clairvoyants

Clairvoyants are a type of psychic people with the ability to see things and events of the past, future and the ones which are at great distances in time and space. Science has always remained in a conflicting relation with the proponents and practitioners of psychic abilities. Due to the conflicts between scientists and psychics, science has always tried to come up with arguments and evidences to negate the claims of psychics.

Scientific research has been carried out to explain the phenomenon of various psychic abilities. The scientific research on the phenomena of clairvoyance has also revealed some scientific explanation of the psychic ability of clairvoyants. The scientific research in this regard is based on a human’s brain working and human psychology and the integrated interaction between the human brain, human psychology and the environment.

Science has explained the ability of clairvoyants as the flaws in the process of decision making by the human brain. These flaws occur because the decision making of the human brain is clouded with the biasness of confirmations and expectations. Other psychological and subjective factors that may be a cause of the phenomena of clairvoyance are hallucinations, emotional leakages, self delusions, subjective validations and wishful thinking.

Psychic Abilities, How They Should Be Exercised?

The recognition of one’s psychic abilities is one thing and the way one exercises his psychic abilities is another thing. The way of exercising one’s powers is as important as the recognition phase. A psychic person can exercise his psychic abilities in two possible ways which are the application of psychic powers in routine life and the application in a structured manner. Whichever method is adopted by the psychic to exercise his powers, will help him in developing and enhancing his psychic abilities.

To exercise psychic abilities in one’s daily routine is different from exercising psychic power in a structured manner. The exercise of power in daily life will enable the person to accumulate psychic experiences which will help in developing the power. Whereas, the structured attempts will enable the person to experience his psychic abilities with an extraordinary intensity and depth.

A structured attempt of exercising psychic power can help in developing a greater understanding of a phenomenon whereas the routine practice will help in understanding the relationship between the phenomenon and consciousness evolution. The exercise of psychic abilities should furnish the goal that is the enhancement and control of psychic abilities. These goals can be achieved if the person has curiosity and takes keen interest in this regard.

Online Psychic Readings

psychic shop in londonThe trends in psychic reading industry have experienced a great change in the recent past. Due to the advancement in technology and the integration of internet in every field of life, psychic reading industry has also evolved from the psychic parlors into online psychic reading portals and websites. These websites have been established by psychic readers as online psychic parlors where individuals can virtually go and have their psychic readings done by these psychic readers.

The Industry

The transformation of psychic reading industry into an online industry has extended its reach to masses. Psychic readers and their clients can easily access each other. But, this transformation has brought more harm than good, to the psychic reading industry.According to a recent study, a shocking fact regarding online psychic reading has surfaced. Out of every four psychic readers, who conduct their psychic readings online, three psychic readers are fake, with no genuine psychic abilities.


Fake Mediums

The fake psychic readers are selfish people who are derived by their greed and fulfillment of self interests. They have no idea about the intensity of moral, emotional and physical damage that they cause to their clients. These facts are alarming for the real psychic readers as if the number of fake psychic readers increased at the current pace than soon there will be one real psychic reader out of a million. There is a need to stop this curse and real psychic readers should put in their efforts as it is a matter of their own prestige and the integrity of their industry. Stay clear of the fakes and gete in touch with a genuine medium instead, there are plenty of those at the super-terrific spiritual website Live Psychic Ireland.

Uk has a wide range of mediums that offer services throughout the country. Find the best mediums in your local area today.




Difference between Supernatural and Paranormal

We hear these two words quite a lot. But have you ever wondered if they are the same thing or are they different? I certainly had that question in my mind so I started looking up at their definitions. I wasn’t much satisfied with what I got because both have been defined almost same with little difference. For instance, Para is a Latin word which means Beyond, so Paranormal is something that defies science and is beyond reality or normal. Similarly, the word Supernatural has been defined as an entity or power that exists beyond nature. Alternativ Center has a blog with more information on the spiritual world and angel readings.

spiritual world illustration


Different interpretations

More confused by these definitions, I searched again but this time I went for people’s interpretations and perceptions. To my surprise, there exist hundreds of explanations for the two but none which is generally agreed on. Each person has his own version so after reading a lot; I finally postulated my own definition of the two. Supernatural is something that science can never explain.

Different Phenomenons

These phenomenon are beyond nature and exist is some other dimension of this universe. For instance, Demons. Paranormal phenomenon is those that scientific laws cannot explain. These are the events which are beyond the power of physical human’s senses. For example, ghosts. A person who can see a ghost is said to have an extra sensory perception or sixth sense.
Lastly, I found that mostly both the words are used interchangeably to define the same thing. So we can’t say that both are similar or different. Read more on psychics.


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Transform Yourself Into A Medium

Medium is a person who can channel supernatural energy or a being into him/her. Some people believe that they have the ability to be one while some out of curiosity want to be a medium. It is not an easy task and is not what anyone could do. It takes courage, motivation and dedication along with one’s natural ability to become a medium. The first step is to attend spiritualistic meetings. These help a person to get in touch with their spiritualistic side and deepen their belief in spiritual world. Once it is done, the process of learning starts.


Meditation for relaxation

Meditation is one of the strong bases that each medium has to master. It not only helps in calming one’s mind but also opens one’s self to the world of spirits. At the beginning, a person might be frightened by the spirits but you should not be. You will find your spirit guide through meditation. That is why it is considered mandatory to join a spiritual club so that there could be people around you who can help. It can’t be done alone.


Spiritual guide

After getting your spirit guide, which takes a little time, you will have to communicate with the spirits. Now keep in mind that not all spirits are friendly so you will need to be patient. Develop your communication skills with spirits by being open and sensitive to their world. Becoming a medium is a personal experience that differs from one individual to another. Apart from natural tendency, one needs to be fully devoted to learning and should be consistent. Only then one can transform into a medium.


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